Pěnčín and surroundings
Halfway between Jablonec nad Nisou and Železný Brod, under the dominant of Černá studnice (Black Well), 869.1 m, there is a beautiful landscape - villages with small churches, folk buildings, meadows, fields and forests framed by mountain massifs. The whole area is interwoven with numerous cultural monuments or natural attractions. The region under the Black Well is famous for its glass squeezing and the production of small glass items such as buttons or jewelery components. The tradition of glass production in this part of the foothills of the Jizera Mountains dates back to 1558, when the first glassworks was established in the nearby village of Huť.

The first written mention of the village Pěnčín dates from 1592. At that time belonged to the Svijany estate, which was then owned by Jaroslav of Vartenberk. Pěnčín itself is due to its location in a nice rugged landscape, which provides views of the surrounding area, destined for tourism.