n the Czech Republic, the term is almost unknown, but abroad it is a new phenomenon in the field of travel.

Slow tourism or Slow travel was inspired by 19th century travel writers who opposed the constant acceleration of time. Modern travelers are often so annoyed for experiences that paradoxically, ultimately, there is no time for experiences.

Oack ne jechen - Immer mit der Ruhe or Here still cool.
The first words are in the Upper Lusatian dialect which is said to be of Germanic origin, the second is a translation into German and the third is an attempt to translate into Czech.
We invite you to a slightly different travel between the Zittau and Lusatian Mountains.

If you no longer want a luxury holiday, full ski resorts, food tables, elusive experiences, many other tourists and feigned folklore? Then come with us. Become a calm and slow visitor who has not only eyes but also other senses open to new experiences. You may not find another region that is better suited for such a slow visitor than the Zittau and Lusatian Mountains. Discover the magic of these mountains, the melancholic landscape, dreamy villages, strange rock formations and majestic forests. Experience the pure nature, traditional crafts, legends and stories in the region where you will find loft houses, but also the culture of the historic city. Discover places where giants, interesting personalities, utopians and pioneers come from. Taste our regional cuisine and enjoy your holiday. Be free for a while and yourself.

The village of Pěnčín in the Jizera Mountains and the town of Zittau support such a way of peaceful holiday in the form of a new offer, which we call slow tourismus, in Czech we could say slow tourism. And it can have many faces, no hurry and calm, no stress associated with perception and experiencing all the senses. In this booklet we want to offer you ideas on where to go when visiting our region, on both sides of the imaginary border from the sources of Neisse to Zittau.

Set out with peace of mind to explore our region.